Escort Jloia

Escort Jloia - beautiful girls from Milan

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Phone number3(469) 291-0514
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)52
Height (cm)173
Hair colorBlonde
Are you a smokerYes
Hi Everyone, I am half Estonian, half Russian girl working as Escort. I am quite exotic to look at as I am blessed with expressive brown eyes, curly black hair and terrific figure. I am fond of kissing and loves it when you locks lip with me simultaneously unzip my dress and run your hands on my bare back. I feel so secure in your strong arms whether it is kissing or making out in KS position. I will participate in whatever erotic activity you think of such as strip dance, shower experience, bondage or oil massage. Probably, it involves my favorite kissing and no means of unnatural act. As your GF,…

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1 hour 200 200 EUR
2 hours 350 400 EUR
Night price 700 800 EUR

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